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Genuine Toyota Batteries!

Toyota Batteries

At Stokes Toyota Hilton Head, you can rely on your Toyota service professionals to help maintain your vehicle and let you know when your battery has fallen below factory recommended specifications. By then, it's not a question of whether your battery will fail - the only question is when. Stop by our dealership today for your complimentary battery check. We can install a Genuine Toyota TrueStartTM or True-2TM battery specifically designed for your vehicle. TrueStartTM and True-2TMbatteries provide superior performance with the right combination of cold cranking amps (CCA) to the optimal reserve capacity (RC) for all year round reliability.

When Should I Replace My Battery?

In general, battery life is very hard to predict due to variables such as climate, terrain and individual driving habits. Stokes Toyota Hilton Head has factory trained technicians and one of the most sophisticated battery testing tools available to determine your battery's state-of-health and prevent a no-start situation. You can rest assured that you will only get the service you need to keep your vehicle performing like new. We'll quickly assess your battery and discover any issues that you may need to take care of today.

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True-2â„¢ | Features and Benefits:

A competitive 60-month warranty!

18-month free replacement.

42-month proration in a simple two-tier priced plan.

Coast-to-coast warranty service at over 1,200 locations.

Built to top industry standards.

High vibrations resistance standards.

A great non-warranty replacement alternative.

A genuine Toyota battery representing quality, durability, and reliability.

Ask for a genuine Toyota replacement battery.

TrueStartâ„¢ | Features and Benefits:

The only warranty replacement battery approved for your Toyota vehicle.

Meets or exceeds Toyota specifications for all vehicles.

The exceptional 84-Month warranty!

24-month free replacement.

60-month proration in a simple two-tier priced plan.

Includes Towing and Installation Labor*

Coast-to-Coast warranty service at more than 1,200,locations!

Additional Features Include:

Matrix Radial Grids to help your battery meet today's high current starting demands.

The right balance of Cold Cranking Amps and Reserve Capacity to provide power and cranking ability time after time.

A patented lead alloy feature that reduces corrosion of lead parts and extends the life of your battery.

A Negative Plate Paste Expander that reduces damage caused by high under-hood temperature or extreme heat.

Tip: If your car won't start or stalls frequently, it may be time for a new battery. Ask for a genuine Toyota Replacement battery.*Ask your dealer for specific details.

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